Moth Control


Many people possess a phobia of our fuzzy, flapping friends the moths.

Unlike their dainty relatives – the butterflies – moths can cause you more of a problem if they happen to infest your home or business.

With damages ranging from chewn up clothes to destruction of your food, Ecotech Pest Control can provide treatments to gain control. We will also spend time to try and establish how the problem has occurred and make recommendations to reduce the risk of future infestation.

Reasons for control of Common Clothes Moths in your household or business.

Common Clothes Moths can be identified by their golden colouring. They are 5-8mm in length with 2 antennae.

Without being dealt with by a professional, they will eat away at natural fibre carpets, clothes and other fabrics in your home and business.

Common Clothes Moth

Common Clothes Moth

Tineola Bisselliella 

Indian Meal Moth

Indian Meal Moth

Plodia Interpunctella 

Reasons for control of Indian Meal Moth in your household or business.

The Indian Meal Moth can damage food packaging and the products stored inside, spoiling your food.

An Indian Meal Moth can be identified by its distinctive wing colours, with the upper wing ivory and the wing tips brown/copper. 8-10mm in length with two antennae.

Reasons for control of White-Shouldered House Moths in your household or business.

White-Shouldered House Moths can damage the same items that both Common Clothes Moth and the Indian Meal Moth can; that is your food, upholstery and cloths.

Brown speckled moths have a white head and shoulders. They span around 7-9mm in length and possess 2 antennae.

White-Shouldered House Moth

White-Shouldered House Moth

Endrosis Sarcitrella 

Combined with good housekeeping, Ecotech Pest Control can provide treatments for control of your moth problems and make recommendations on how to reduce the risk of the problem reoccurring further down the line.

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