Mole Control


Control of moles is necessary – although, like a lot of pests, we see more of the damage moles create than we do of them.

They are generally 11-16cm in length and are dark in colour. They have poor eyesight, a good sense of smell and large front paws to help them dig their tunnels underground. Moles work incredibly hard digging up to 18 feet of tunnel in just an hour.

This territorial mammal lives on its own and uses its saliva to poison and paralyse worms and insects which are then stored in an underground chamber to be eaten later.

Reasons for control of moles in your home, business or garden:

Whilst we admire the work ethic of moles, unfortunately sometimes the need to control is necessary depending on the location. Their network of tunnels can make the ground unstable which is particularly dangerous on sports fields such as football pitch’s and polo fields. As a result of their excavations, mole hills can also cause a problem in garden lawns.

When necessary, Ecotech Pest Control can provide non toxic treatments to gain control of moles.



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