Mouse Control

Apodemus Sylvaticus

Dealing with field mice infestations:

Field mice are part of British wildlife, however when they move into you’re home or business they can cause quite a problem. This is quite common particularly during colder months when they often relocate from fields and woodlands to in and around buildings more, searching for warmth and food.

Field Mice

Apodemus Sylvaticus

Brown in colour with a light underbelly they can sometimes be mistaken for baby rats to the untrained eye.

Field mice infestations can find their way into and around a building quite easily. As they are small and extremely agile they can find their way through your cavities into your loft.

It’s also common for them to pop up in your kitchen and bathroom as they follow the pipes through the cavities.

Ecotech Pest Control can provide effective treatment for control of field mice infestations that won’t affect the day to day running of your home or business.

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