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Lasius Niger

Controlling ants in your home or business:

Black Garden Ants are by far the most common species of ant in the UK.

Despite their name, they are actually very dark brown and worker ants are generally 3-6mm in length with a lifespan of up to 4 years. Ants can lift up 20 times their own body weight which is the equivalent of a human being lifting a small car.

The Queen of a nest is larger, up to 15mm and they can sometimes live for up to 15 years.

Large numbers of ants in your kitchen can often be dealt with by removing food sources such as food crumbs and drink spills however sometimes a treatment is necessary.

Black Garden Ants

Lasius Niger

Cluster Fly

Pharaohs Ant

Monomorium Pharoanis

Cluster Fly

Ghost Ant

Tapinoma Melanocephalum

Some other species we sometimes deal with in the UK are Pharaohs Ants, Monomorium Pharoanis and Ghost Ants, Tapinoma Melanocephalum. They are both much smaller and lighter in colour than Black Garden Ants and can only live inside warm buildings.

Ecotech Pest Control can provide effective treatments for control of ants inside your home or business. We can also offer advice on how to reduce the risk of attracting ants inside.

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